Improving skills, connecting with the community and staying accountable: these are just a few of the reasons we created Club Mod. Through our Challenge Series, we strive to keep members engaged and enthusiastic all season long. Off the bike, we keep members in the game with our fun Fantasy Leagues. And we can’t forget about on-the-road style: we kit out members with exclusive jerseys, bibs, socks, and other accessories. 

Challenge Series

Our Challenge Series is a 20 week season where we present present weekly challenges: Most Distance, Most Riding Time, Longest Ride, the Mixer, and Most Elevation. Leaderboard points are awarded to each week’s top 10 finishers (we repeat these challenges four times throughout the year). Additionally, we offer a host of other opportunities to earn points.

To be included in the Challenge Series, Club Mod needs authorization to access your Strava account.


Make sure to check both boxes: ☑️View data about your public profile and ☑️View data about your activities.

Weekly Updates

Stay updated with weekly Challenge results, Fantasy League standings, and other good info such as current kit orders, Group Ride routes, upcoming events, etc.

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